Valeria Cañedo has opened our eyes to the power and importance of young professionals in conservation. Under Valeria’s leadership, Alianza Mariposa Monarca has exceeded all of our expectations! In just one year she has smoothly led the group to a whole new level of volunteerism and commitment. Alianza Mariposa Monarca now has their own projects, fundraising events and volunteers helping them out. Through initiative and commitment, Valeria has demonstrated herself to be a dedicated leader with a promising future in pollinator conservation, and that’s why she deserves the title of Sky Island Hero!

  • Being a volunteer with Sky Island Alliance has been a great experience. I began volunteering in 2015 and since then, it has changed my life and the lives of other people who are involved in the Alianza Mariposa Monarca group, based in Sonora, Mexico. In July of 2017, I participated as an intern working on various projects related to pollinators. It was a great experience, thanks to the team at Sky Island Alliance for teaching me many things.
    – Valeria

Valeria Cañedo, Sky Island Hero